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Title: Development of an animated model to improve patients' understanding of pelvic floor exercises prior to radical prostatectomy.
Epworth Authors: Crowe, Helen
Wootten, Addie
Dowrick, Adam
Costello, Anthony
Other Authors: Morrison, Shan
Nahon, Irmina
Keywords: Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises
Urinary Incontinence
Education of Patients
Epworth Research Institute Research Week July 2016
Epworth Prostate Centre, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Conference Name: Epworth Research Institute Research Week July 2016
Conference Location: Epworth HealthCare, Richmond, Victoria, Australia.
Abstract: The prevalence of reported urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy varies widely (2% to 60%), albeit at varying times after operation. The majority of men will experience some level of urinary incontinence in the first few months post treatment. Some recent research has shown that patients who correctly perform pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFME) have a better rate of returning to urinary continence post radical prostatectomy. However one study found that 30% of healthy males had difficulty performing PFME correctly. The aim of this project was to develop an animated pelvic floor model, for use in the education of patients undergoing radical prostatectomy.
Type: Conference Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Men's and Women's Health Physiotherapy, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.
Faculty of Health, University of Canberra, ACT, Australia.
Department of Urology, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.
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Epworth Prostate Centre
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UroRenal, Vascular

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