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2018-06Systemic treatments for alopecia areata: a systematic review.Sinclair, Rodney; Lai, Vivien; Chen, Gang 
2018-01Female pattern hair loss: a pilot study investigating combination therapy with low-dose oral minoxidil and spironolactone.Sinclair, Rodney 
2014-12Immunonutrition as an adjuvant therapy for burns.Wasiak, Jason; Tan, Hannah; Danilla, Stefan; Murray, Alexandra; Serra, Ramon; El Dib, Regina; Henderson, Tom 
2017-08Barriers and enablers to implementing scalp cooling in Australia: a qualitative study of health professionals' attitudes to and experience with scalp cooling.O'Brien, Jane; Chua, Susan; De Boer, Richard; Shaw, Joanne; Dear, Rachel; Murray, Nicholas; Boyle, Fran 
2017-07Tildrakizumab versus placebo or etanercept for chronic plaque psoriasis (reSURFACE 1 and reSURFACE 2): results from two randomised controlled, phase 3 trials.Sinclair, Rodney; Reich, Kristian; Papp, Kim; Blauvelt, Andrew; Tyring, Stephen; Tha├ži, Diamant; Nograles, Kristine; Mehta, Anish; Cichanowitz, Nicole; Li, Qing; Liu, Kenneth; La Rosa, Carmen; Green, Stuart; Kimball, Alexa 
2016-08Clinical studies in dermatology require a post-treatment observation phase to define the impact of the intervention on the natural history of the complaint.Sinclair, Rodney; Turner, G. A.; Jones, Damien; Luo, S. 
2016-07Hair shedding in women: how much is too much?Sinclair, Rodney 
2016-03Telogen effluvium.Sinclair, Rodney; Liyanage, Deepa 
2016-07Treatment of female pattern hair loss with low dose minoxidil.Sinclair, Rodney 
2016-07Secukinumab exhibits low immunogenicity during 104 weeks of treatment in subjects with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.Sinclair, Rodney; Reich, K.; Blauvelt, Andrew; Warren, R. B.; Szepietowski, J. C.; Sigurgeirsson, B.; Langley, R. G. B.; Tyring, S.; Messina, I.; Fox, T.; Papavassilis, C.; Bruin, G. 
2016Familial frontal fibrosing alopecia treated with dutasteride, minoxidil and artificial hair transplantation.Sinclair, Rodney; Cranwell, William 
2016Treatment of monilethrix with oral minoxidil.Sinclair, Rodney 
2016-07Characterization of ovine dermal papilla cell aggregation.Sinclair, Rodney; Sari, Agnes; Rufaut, Nicholas; Jones, Leslie 
2016-07The effect of ovine secreted soluble factors on human dermal papilla cell aggregation.Sinclair, Rodney; Sari, Agnes; Rufaut, Nicholas; Jones, Leslie 
2016-07Culture of dermal papilla cells from ovine wool follicles: an in vitro model for papilla size determination.Sinclair, Rodney; Rufaut, Nicholas; Nixon, Allan 
2016-06The validity, reliability, responsiveness and minimal clinically important difference of the de Morton mobility index in rehabilitation.New, Peter; Scroggie, Grant; Williams, Cylie 
2012-11Regrowth of black hair in two red-haired alopecia areata patients.Sinclair, Rodney; Ramot, Y.; Zlotogorski, Abraham 
2004-08The reliability of horizontally sectioned scalp biopsies in the diagnosis of chronic diffuse telogen hair loss in women.Sinclair, Rodney; Jolley, Damien; Mallari, Rica; Magee, Jill 
2016-07Alopecia areata bulbs show significant transcriptional abnormalities before, during and after active hair loss.Li, Jane; Rufaut, Nicholas; Jones, Leslie; Sinclair, Rodney; van Vliet, Catherine; Carbone, Francis 
2003-06Progressive patterned scalp hypotrichosis, with wiry hair, onycholysis, and intermittently associated cleft lip and palate: clinical and genetic distinction from Marie Unna.Sinclair, Rodney; Green, Jack; Fitzpatrick, E.; de Berker, D.; Forrest, S. M. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 97