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2024-05Periprosthetic joint infection after total knee arthroplasty with or without antibiotic bone cement.De Steiger, Richard; Leta, Tesfaye; Lie, Stein Atle; Fenstad, Anne Marie; Lygre, Stein Hakon; Larson, Martin Linberg; Pederson, Alma; Rolfson, Ola; Bulow, Erik; Van Steenbergen, Liza; Nelissen, Rob; Harries, Dylan; Wyatt, Michael; Lutro, Olav; Makela, Keijo; Venäläinen, Mikko; Willis, Jinny; Frampton, Chris; Grimburg, Alexander; Steinbrück, Arnd; Wu, Yinan; Armaroli, Cristiana; Gentilini, Maria; Picus, Roberto; Bonetti, Mirko; Dragosloveanu, Serban; Vorovenci, Andreea; Dragomirescu, Dan; Dale, Havard; Brand, Christian; Christen, Bernhard; Shapiro, Joanne; Wilkinson, Mark; Armstrong, Richard; Wooster, Kate; Hallan, Geir; Gjertsen, Jan-Erik; Chang, Richard; Prentice, Heather; Sedrakyan, Art; Paxton, Elizabeth; Furnes, Ove 
2023-07Stepping beyond counts in recovery of total hip arthroplasty: a prospective study on passively collected gait metrics.Fary, Camdon; Cholewa, Jason; Abshagen, Scott; Van Andel, Dave; Ren, Anna; Anderson, Mike; Tripuraneni, Krishna 
2022-08A systematic review of economic evaluations of preoperative smoking cessation for preventing surgical complications.Cunningham, John E.; McGaffrey, Nikki; Higgins, Julie; Greenhalgh, Elizabeth; White, Sarah L.; Graves, Nicholas; Myles, Paul S.; Dean, Emma; Doncovio, Sally; Briggs, Lisa; Lal, Anita 
2023-10-19Trial of Vancomycin and Cefazolin as surgical prophylaxis in Steiger, Richard; Peel, Trisha; Astbury, Sarah; Cheng, Allen; Paterson, David; Buising, Kirsty; Spelman, Tim; Tran-Duy, An; Adie, Sam; Boyce, Glen; McDougall, Catherine; Molnar, Robert; Mulford, Jonathan; Rehfisch, Peter; Solomon, Michael; Crawford, Ross; Harris-Brown, Tiffany; Roney, Janine; Wisniewski 
2023-02Magnetic resonance imaging of the ankle: Pathology of the lateral and posterior compartments.Smith, Paul; Morey, Matthew; McManus, Luke; Kong, Andrew 
2023-11Effect of uncertain clinical conditions on the early healing and stability of distal radius fractures.Patel, Minoo; Liu, Xuanchi; Liao, JinJing; Miramini, Saeed; Qu, Ji; Zhang, Lihai 
2023-08Long-term implant survival following hemiarthroplasty for fractured neck of Steiger, Richard; Tyas, Ben; Marsh, Martin; Lorimer, Michelle; Petheram, Timothy; Inman, Dominic; Reed, Mike; Jameson, Simon 
2020-08Contemporary strategies to prevent infection in hip and knee arthroplasty.Batty, Lachlan; Lanting, Brent 
2008-03Orthopaedic patients' experience of motor vehicle accident in Singapore.Tan, Kim; Lim, L; Chiu, L 
2023-01Robotic-assisted revision total knee arthroplasty: a novel surgical technique.Ngim, Hui-Ling Joanne; Van Bavel, Dirk; de Steiger, Richard; Tang, Andrew 
2023-04Lateral lumbar interbody fusion using expandable vs static titanium interbody cages: a prospective cohort study of clinical and radiographic outcomes.Malham, Gregory; Biddau, Dean; Wang, Yi Yuen; Huo, Celia; Chung, Timothy 
2023-02Magnetic resonance imaging of the ankle: Pathology of the lateral and posterior compartments.Smith, Paul; Morey, Matthew; McManus, Luke; Kong, Andrew 
2023-01Robotic‑assisted revision total knee arthroplasty: a novel surgical technique.Tang, Andrew; de Steiger, Richard; Ngim, Hui-Ling Joanne; Van Bavel, Dirk 
2022-09Estimating incidence rates of periprosthetic joint infection after hip and knee arthroplasty for osteoarthritis using linked registry and administrative health Steiger, Richard; Jin, Xingzhong; Luxan, Blanca; Hanly, Mark; Pratt, Nicole; Harris, Ian; Graves, Steven; Jorm, Louisa 
2018-07Managing expectations: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.Devitt, Brian; Murgier, Jerome 
2022-05Increased early mortality after total knee arthroplasty using conventional instrumentation compared with technology-assisted surgery: an analysis of linked national registry Steiger, Richard; Harris, Ian; Kirwan, David; Peng, Yi; Lewis, Peter; Graves, Stephen 
2022-02Periprosthetic fracture as a late mode of failure of the Anatomique Benoist Girard II femoral Steiger, Richard; Mulford, Jonathan; Mathew, Ronnie; Penn, David; Cuthbert, Alana 
2021-11Reproducibility of an intraoperative pressure sensor in total knee replacement.Fary, Camdon; de Steiger, Richard; McKenzie, Dean 
2020-11Pre-operative optimisation for hip and knee arthroplasty: Minimise risk and maximise Steiger, Richard; Wall, Chris 
2020-10Six-Degree-of-Freedom Tibiofemoral and Patellofemoral Joint Motion During Activities of Daily Livingde Steiger, Richard; Thomeer, Lucas; Guan, Shanyuanye; Gray, Hans; Schache, Anthony; Pandy, Marcus 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 189