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Title: A 19-year-old male with cerebellar ataxia and cognitive impairment following glandular fever.
Epworth Authors: Wise, Frances
Olver, John
Infeld, Bernard
Keywords: Epworth Monash Rehabilitation Medicine Unit, Epworth Hospital, Richmond, Victoria
Neurosciences Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Acute Cerebellar Ataxia
Cognitive Impairment
Glandular Fever
Infectious Mononucleosis
Epstein-Barr Virus
Young Adult
Gait Disorders
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Citation: J Clin Neurosci. 2013 May;20(5):749-50
Abstract: A 19-year-old male, who was previously functionally independent, presented with cerebellar ataxia and cognitive impairment following glandular fever. This case highlights the importance of considering an Epstein-Barr virus aetiology in children or young adults with acute cerebellar ataxia.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jocn.2012.03.052
PubMed URL:
ISSN: 1532-2653
Journal Title: Journal of clinical neuroscience
Type: Journal Article
Affiliated Organisations: Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, Caulfield Hospital, 260 Kooyong Road, Caulfield, Victoria
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Case reports
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