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Title: Improvements in objective and subjective ratings of interprofessional competency following simulation training.
Epworth Authors: Vawser, Tess
Jackman, Christine
Hutchinson, Ana
Keywords: Interprofessional Teams
Interprofessional Simulation Program
Interprofessional Competency
Epworth Clinical School, Epworth HealthCare
Clinical Education and Simulation, Epworth HealthCare
Issue Date: Oct-2023
Conference Name: Epworth HealthCare Research Month 2023
Conference Location: Epworth Research Institute, Victoria, Australia
Abstract: In the often high-pressure and time-sensitive clinical setting, proficient communication and teamwork between members of interprofessional teams is vital. To ensure best patient outcomes, pre-registration nursing and medical clinicians need to learn to collaborate effectively. The interprofessional simulation program was effective in improving interprofessional competency, as measured by both subjective self-report and objective observational measures. Additional research should be undertaken to gauge the continuing efficacy of this program and to explore ways to further standardise the reliability of observational ratings.
Type: Conference Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research, Deakin-Epworth HealthCare Partnership
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Comparative Study
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