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Title: An exploration of the risk factors for developing deep wound infection after joint replacement surgery.
Epworth Authors: McKenna, Karen
Butler, M.
Other Authors: Hutchinson, Ana
Keywords: Exploration
Risk Factors
Deep Wound Infection
Joint Replacement Surgery
Healthcare Associated Infections
Infection Prevention
Joint Replacement
Preoperative Screening
Optimisation or Risk Factors
Intraoperative Interventions
Environmental Factors
Behavioural Factors
Operating Room Foot Traffic
Air Filtration Systems
Air Quality
Surgical Attire
Laminar Airflow
Surgical Site Infection
Epworth Healthcare, Infection Control and Prevention, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Conference Name: Epworth HealthCare Research Week 2019
Conference Location: Epworth Research Institute, Victoria, Australia
Type: Conference Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Deakin University, Centre for Quality and Patient Safety, Epworth Healthcare Partnership, Victoria, Australia
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Review
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