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Title: Simulation and patient safety: the benefits to your organisation.
Epworth Authors: Vawser, Tess
Other Authors: The Department of Health and Human Services (Vic)
Beer, Janet
Beardmore, Denielle
Cameron, Donna
English, Leone
Hartney, Nicole
Marshall, Stuart
McKarney, Lesley
Morley, Peter
Petrovich, Tanya
Sale, Charlotte
Solarsh, Geoff
Stockton, Debbie
Thomsen, Kerrie
van Dijk, Julian
Walker, Judi
Walker, Susan
Waller, Susan
Williams, Brett
Keywords: Simulation
Patient Safety
Clinical Competence
PROMPT – Practical
Peripheral IV Project
Emergency training for high-dose rate brachytherapy
Virtual Dementia Experience
Indigenous Cultural Safety Coaching Program
Critical Bleeding/Massive Transfusion Simulation
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Abstract: The benefits of simulation are obvious to those who deliver and participate in simulation experiences, but because the cost to provide quality simulation is often much more than providing traditional teaching methods, the value it provides to an organisation may not be immediately appreciated by executive teams. The Department believes the evidence that links simulation to patient outcomes can help to demonstrate that value. This Resource has been created as a toolkit to support you to communicate the benefits of simulation to anyone interested in accessing or understanding simulation, and to help demonstrate the value it brings to your organisation. This value extends well beyond just being an education tool.
Type: Conference Paper or Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Albury Wodonga Health
Alzheimer’s Australia
Austin Health
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