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Title: The Epworth healthcare neuromodulation registry: asessing data collection compliance.
Epworth Authors: Pellegrini, Michael
Thayaparan, Ganesha
D'Urso, Paul
Christelis, Nick
Other Authors: Lewis, Philip
Keywords: Epworth Neuromodulation Registry
Quality of Data
Data Collection
Form Completion Compliance
Clinical Registries
Neurosciences Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Critical Care Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Conference Name: Epworth HealthCare Research Week 2018
Conference Location: Epworth Research Institute, Victoria, Australia
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: The Epworth Neuromodulation Registry (ENR) commenced in July 2017. The value of clinical registries is limited by its quality of data; itself largely dependent on the adherence of clinicians and patients to the data collection process. This study aims to investigate data collection compliance or ‘form completion compliance’ (FCC) for the ENR, informing future approaches to optimise registry performance. METHODS: Surgeon-reported clinical data and patient-reported outcome data were collected using 4 paper forms during an episode of care. Surgeons completed form 1 before, form 2 during, and form 3 after surgery, while patients completed form 4 twice: before and after surgery. FCC was assessed over eight months from five contributing clinicians, with each time-point during an episode of care marked as either ‘completed’ or ‘not completed’. Based on previous literature, FCC (%) was calculated for each form as the number of completed forms divided by the number of patients that underwent an episode of care. RESULTS: Of the 32 patients entered, FCC for forms 1-3 were 90.63%, 93.75% and 75% respectively, whilst FCC for form 4 was 43.75% before surgery and 81.25% after surgery. 37.5% of patients completed form 4 both before and after surgery, while 31.25% of patients had complete datasets for the entire episode of care. CONCLUSIONS: With previous clinical registries reporting benchmark FCC of 98%, our findings indicate that our data collection process may require improvement. Future investigations will aim to identify factors contributing to reduced FCC, ensuring the clinical value of the ENR is maximised into the future.
Type: Conference Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Department of Surgery, Central Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, Monash University, VIC, 3004, Melbourne, Australia
Department of Anaesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, Central Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, Monash University, VIC, 3004, Melbourne, Australia
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Cohort Study
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