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Title: An exploration of patient experience across the admission trajectory.
Epworth Authors: Brown, Elizabeth
Botti, Mari
Hutchinson, Ana
Keywords: Consumer Feedback
Health Service Development
Patient Experience
Patient Satisfaction
Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
Interpersonal Care
Relational Care
Epworth/Deakin Centre for Clinical Nursing Research, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Conference Name: Epworth HealthCare Research Week 2018
Conference Location: Epworth HealthCare Research Week 2018
Abstract: Background Obtaining consumer feedback about their experience of healthcare is fundamental to health service development and re-design. In this study two approaches to measuring Patient Experience and Satisfaction with care were explored to evaluate the relative value of using these different approaches. Methods An exploratory, descriptive qualitative study of patient experience, was conducted at a large private healthcare provider in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate qualitatively, the relative value of measuring: (i) Patient Satisfaction using the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey, and (ii) Patient Experience using semi-structured interviews. Data collection included one semi-structured in-depth interview during their admission and, completion of the HCAHPS survey on discharge from hospital. RESULTS There were 16 participants recruited into the study, 44% had surgical admissions and 56% had medical admissions. Participants overall rating of the health service was ‘very good’ (80%) and ‘good’ (20%). The following themes emerged from the semi-structured interviews: Pre-admission- the importance of communication and personalised attention’; Nursing-care - ‘Nurses provided holistic care’; associated subthemes were: ‘Effective pain management was a focus’ and ‘Engagement of families contributed to the experience of personalised care’. Conclusion In comparison to the response to the HCAPHS survey, in their interviews patients focused on the interpersonal and relational aspects of care. Obtaining Patient Stories provided greater insights into the unique needs of patients receiving ongoing or complex programs of treatment at the health service.
Type: Conference Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Deakin University Geelong, Australia. School of Nursing and Midwifery, Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Exploratory Qualitative Design
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