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Title: Treatment of varicose veins by endovenous laser therapy: assessment of results by ultrasound surveillance.
Epworth Authors: Myers, Ken
Other Authors: Fris, Robert
Jolley, Damien
Keywords: Laser Therapy
Endovenous Laser Therapy
Saphenous Reflux
Adverse Effects
Ultrasound Surveillance
Multivariate Cox Regression Analysis
Proportional Hazards Models
Saphenous Vein
Diagnostic Imaging
Ultrasonography, Interventional
Varicose Veins
Diagnostic Imaging
Venous Insufficiency
UroRenal, Vascular Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Melbourne Vascular Ultrasound, Epworth Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Victoria Vein Clinic, Epworth HealthCare, Australia
Issue Date: Aug-2006
Publisher: Australasian Medical Publishing Company
Citation: Med J Aust. 2006 Aug 21;185(4):199-202
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To assess the efficacy of endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) for treating varicose veins with saphenous reflux. DESIGN: A trial of treatment, with results assessed by ultrasound surveillance. SETTING: Outpatient clinics with sonographer and nursing support. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Control of reflux; occlusion or obliteration of the saphenous veins assessed by ultrasound. RESULTS: EVLT was used to treat 404 veins in 308 patients. Univariate life table analysis showed primary success in 80% (95% CI, 69%-87%) and secondary success after further treatment of recurrent saphenous vein reflux by ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy in 88% (95% CI, 78%-95%) at 3 years. On multivariate Cox regression analysis, none of the covariates studied were associated with ultrasound failure. CONCLUSIONS: Early results indicate that EVLT effectively controlled saphenous reflux. Its advantages are that it is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthesia with immediate mobilisation, causes minimal disruption of activities, and avoids surgical trauma.
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ISSN: 0025-729X
Journal Title: The Medical Journal of Australia
Type: Journal Article
Affiliated Organisations: Northern Vein Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.
Monash institute of Health Services Research, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Clinical Trial
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UroRenal, Vascular

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