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2021-02The student journey: Living and learning following traumatic brain injury.Mealings, Margaret; Olver, John; Douglas, Jacinta 
2021-01The promise of artificial neural networks, EEG, and MRI for Alzheimer's disease.Bailey, Neil; Hoy, Kate 
2020-12Comparing performance across in-person and videoconference-based administrations of common neuropsychological measures in community-based survivors of stroke.Ponsford, Jennie; Stolwyk, Renerus; Gardner, Betina; Cadilhac, Dominique; Chapman, Jodie 
2019-11Subacute sleep disturbance in moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a systematic reviewFedele, Bianca; Williams, Gavin; McKenzie, Dean; Sutherland, Edwina; Olver, John 
2018-04Early experience of placing image-guided minimally invasive pedicle screws without K-wires or bone-anchored trackers.Malham, Gregory; Parker, R.M. 
2018-09Pharmacotherapy for the pseudobulbar affect in individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury: A systematic review protocol.Ponsford, Jennie; Clay, Fiona; Hicks, Amelia; Perry, Luke; Jayaram, Mahesh; Hopwood, Malcolm 
2018-09Economic evaluation of activities of daily living retraining during posttraumatic amnesia for inpatient rehabilitation following severe traumatic brain injury.Trevena-Peters, Jessica; Ponsford, Jennie; McKay, Adam; Mortimer, D. 
2015-02Cost prediction following traumatic brain injury: model development and validation.Spitz, Gershon; McKenzie, Dean; Ponsford, Jennie; Attwood, David 
2018-06Low-cost patient-specific stereotactic skin surface templates for minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion surgery.Thayaparan, Ganesha; D'Urso, Paul; Owbridge, Mark; Thompson, Robert; Lewis, Philip 
2018-06Patient-specific 3D-printed titanium implants for cervical spine reconstruction surgery.Thayaparan, Ganesha; D'Urso, Paul; Owbridge, Mark; Thompson, Robert; Lewis, Philip 
2018-06The Epworth healthcare neuromodulation registry: asessing data collection compliance.Pellegrini, Michael; Thayaparan, Ganesha; D'Urso, Paul; Christelis, Nick; Lewis, Philip 
2018-06Normal pressure hydrocephalus diagnostic lumbar puncture tap test: Epworth neuropsychology assessment guideline development.Dridan, Belinda; Sloan, Ann; Grace, N. 
2018-06When is it safe to resume high-level mobility after traumatic brain injury? A systematic review.Aldous, Sara; Di Nicolantonio, L.; Sutherland, E.; Olver, John; Williams, Gavin; McGinley, J. 
2018-05Therapy influences goal attainment following botulinum neurotoxin injection for focal spasticity in adults with neurological conditions.Moore, Elizabeth; Olver, John; Williams, Gavin; McKenzie, Dean; Bryant, Adam 
2018-05A pilot study of the comparative efficacy of 100 Hz magnetic seizure therapy and electroconvulsive therapy in persistent depression.Fitzgerald, Paul; Chen, Leo; Hoy, Kate; Elliot, David; McQueen, S.; Wambeek, Lenore; Clinton, A. M.; Downey, G.; Daskalakis, Zafiris 
2018-01A prospective analysis of olfactory impairment recovery after severe traumatic brain injury.Drummond, Douglas; Olver, John; Douglas, Jacinta 
2018Cerebral amyloid angiopathy: Review of clinico-radiological features and mimics.Sharma, Rohit; Dearaugo, Stephanie; Infeld, Bernard; Gerraty, Richard; O'Sullivan, Richard 
2018-02A historical review of the evolution of the Tardieu Scale.Williams, Gavin; Morris, Susan 
2018-02Systematic review of high-level mobility training in people with a neurological impairment.Williams, Gavin; Aldous, Sara; Spencer, Tanja; Fahey, Michael 
2017-12Efficacy and harms of pharmacological interventions for neurobehavioral symptoms in post traumatic amnesia after traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol.Hicks, Amelia; Ponsford, Jennie; Clay, Fiona; Hopwood, Malcolm; Jayaram, Mahesh; Batty, Rachel 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 235