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Title: Nurses' perspectives on the care provided to cancer patients.
Epworth Authors: Botti, Mari
Watts, Rosemary
Other Authors: Hunter, M.
Keywords: Attitude of Health Personnel
Nurses' Perception
Proctor's Model of Clinical Supervision
Quality of Health Care
Psychological Care
Psychosocial Support
Nursing Models
Physical Care
Acute Care
Oncology Patients
Cancer Patients
Oncology Nursing
Cancer Nursing
Exploratory Qualitative Design
Centre for Clinical Nursing Research, Epworth/Deakin Nursing Research Centre, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
Citation: Cancer Nurs. 2010 Mar-Apr;33(2):E1-8
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Optimal care for patients with cancer involves the provision of effective physical and psychological care. Nurses are key providers of this care; however, the effectiveness of care is dependent on the nurses' training, skills, attitudes, and beliefs. OBJECTIVE: The study reported in this article explored cancer nurses' perceptions of their ability to provide psychosocial care to adults with cancer and their subsequent evaluation of the effectiveness of the care provided. This study was the first part of a larger project that evaluated the effectiveness of Proctor's model of clinical supervision in an acute care oncology environment. METHODS: An exploratory qualitative design was used for this study. One focus group interview was conducted with 10 randomly selected registered nurses working within the oncology units at a major Melbourne tertiary referral hospital. Analytic themes were developed from the coded data using content analysis. RESULTS: The 4 analytic themes to emerge from the data were frustration, difficult to look after yourself, inadequate communication processes, and anger. CONCLUSION: The findings from this study indicate that, although informal mechanisms of support are available for oncology nurses, most of these services are not accessed. IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: Leaders in cancer care hospital settings need to urgently develop and implement a model of support for their oncology nurses who are attempting to provide psychosocial support to oncology patients.
DOI: 10.1097/NCC.0b013e3181b5575a
PubMed URL:
ISSN: 0162-220X
Journal Title: Cancer Nursing
Type: Journal Article
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Exploratory Qualitative Design
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