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Title: The use of multimedia as an adjunct to the informed consent process for Morton's neuroma resection surgery
Epworth Authors: Wang, Calvin
Beischer, Andrew
Other Authors: Ammon, Peter
Keywords: Morton’s Neuroma
Informed Consent
Patient Education
Orthopedic Procedures
Multi Education Module
Musculoskeletal Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: Sage Journals
Citation: Foot Ankle Int. 2014 Oct;35(10):1037-44
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to assess if a computer-based multimedia education module (MEM) improved patients' comprehension when used as an adjunct to the standard verbal consent process for Morton's neuroma resection surgery. Nineteen patients (15 females and 4 males) considered candidates for Morton's neuroma resection surgery were prospectively recruited. A standardized verbal discussion was had with each patient regarding risks and benefits of surgery, alternative treatments, and the usual postoperative course. Patient understanding was then assessed with a questionnaire. Each patient subsequently viewed the MEM and the questionnaire was repeated. Patients also rated ease of understanding and satisfaction with both methods of patient education.
DOI: 10.1177/1071100714543644
PubMed URL:
ISSN: 1071-1007
Journal Title: Foot & Ankle International
Type: Journal Article
Affiliated Organisations: Murdoch Orthopaedic Clinic, Murdoch, WA, Australia
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Prospective Cohort Study
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