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Title: Resonance: an interactive tabletop artwork for co-located group rehabilitation and play.
Epworth Authors: Williams, Gavin
Keywords: Rehabilitation
Interactive Media
Brain Injuries
Injuries, Brain
Trauma, Brain
Traumatic Brain Injury
Art Therapy
Therapy, Art
Computer-Assisted Therapy
Therapy, Computer-Assisted
Computer Games
Video Games
Epworth HealthCare, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Physiotherapy Department, Epworth Healthcare, Melbourne, Australia
Social Interaction
Issue Date: Aug-2015
Conference: HCI International 2015, 2-7th August
Conference Location: Los Angeles, USA
Abstract: In this paper we describe the design and development of Resonance, an interactive tabletop artwork that targets upper-limb movement rehabilitation for patients with an acquired brain injury. The artwork consists of several interactive game environments, which enable artistic expression, exploration and play. Each environment aims to encourage collaborative, cooperative, and competitive modes of interaction for small groups (2-4) of co-located participants. We discuss how participants can perform movement tasks face-to-face with others using tangible user interfaces in creative and engaging activities. We pay particular attention to design elements that support multiple users and discuss preliminary user evaluation of the system. Our research indicates that group based rehabilitation using Resonance has the potential to stimulate a high level of interest and enjoyment in patients; facilitates social interaction, complements conventional therapy; and is intrinsically motivating.
Type: Conference Paper
Affiliated Organisations: School of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
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