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Title: HeartSmart Program - 2013 Annual Activities
Epworth Authors: Baxter, Ross
Keywords: Rehabilitation
Cardiology - Rehabilitation
Cardiovascular Diseases - Rehabilitation
Heart Diseases - Rehabilitation
Cardiology - Education
Cardiovascular Diseases - Education
Heart Diseases - Education
Cardiac Surgery
Surgery, Cardiac
Surgery, Heart
Cardiac Surgical Procedures
Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures
Patient Education as Topic
Education of Patients
Education, Patient
Fund Raising
Nursing Staff
Nanci Thurston, HeartSmart Coordinator
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: Epworth HealthCare HeartSmart
Table of Contents: HeartSmart Program - 2013 Annual Activities p. 1.
Commentary on 2013 Data Charts p. 2.
HeartSmart Participants Age x Sex p. 2.
HeartSmart Participants x Procedure p. 2.
Epworth Richmond Cardiac patients invited to cardiac rehab x home locality p. 4.
HeartSmart participants x home locality p. 4.
HeartSmart enrolments x session location p. 6.
HeartSmart completion rates p. 6.
HeartSmart participant completions p. 6.
Summary data for the 1202 cardiac patients who did NOT participate in the HeartSmart program p. 8.
Procedures received by HeartSmart compared with NON-HeartSmart participants p.10.
Cardiac rehabilitation (Phase 2) activities by month for 2013 p.10.
Treatments received by HeartSmart vs Referred patients p.11.
Treatment received by NON-HeartSmart patients by referral activity outcome p.12.
Age of NON-HeartSmart patients by referral activity outcome in 2013 p.12.
Overall summary of HeartSmart's 2013 Cardiac Rehabilitation activities p.14.
Historical perspective p.16.
Other HeartSmart activities held during the year p.17.
Type: Annual Report
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