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dc.contributor.authorKovacs, Gaben
dc.description.abstractPoster presentation. Aim: To systematically review studies that involve the usage of heparin and aspirin to improve IVF success rate. Methods: Literature articles search was performed at October 2014. PUBMED is used to search the studies for this systematic review with keywords “IVF & Heparin” and “IVF & Aspirin”. The selected cases would be the ones that were related directly to IVF cases. Results: Out of 219 articles, four studies evaluating the use of heparin and six studies evaluating the use of aspirin were included after all the other studies were eliminated based on exclusion criteria or didn’t match the inclusion criteria. All of the studies scored 6 or above out of 11 based on PEDro scale except for Siristadis et al which scored 4 out of 11. The outcome measures are implantation, clinical pregnancy, and live birth rate. However not all studies include all three measures. Conclusion: This systematic review concludes that the usage of heparin or aspirin for IVF treatment does not significantly improve the success rate of IVF treatment.en
dc.subjectObstetrics and Gynaecology Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australiaen
dc.subjectIn Vitro Fertilization (IVF)en
dc.subjectSuccess Ratesen
dc.subjectClinical Pregnancyen
dc.subjectLive Birth Rateen
dc.titleDoes Heparin and Aspirin Improve IVF Success Rate?en
dc.typeConference Paperen
dc.description.affiliatesFaculty of Medicine, Advanced Medical Science, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia.en
dc.description.affiliatesMonash University Department of Obstetric and Gynecologyen
dc.description.affiliatesUniversitas Indonesia Faculty of Medicineen
dc.type.studyortrialSystematic Reviewsen
dc.description.conferencenameEpworth Research Institute. Research Week June 2015.en
dc.description.conferencelocationEpworth Hospital, Richmond, Victoria, Australia.en
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