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Title: Using health 4.0 to enable post operative wellness monitoring: the case of colorectal surgery. Optimizing health monitoring systems with wireless technology.
Epworth Authors: Wickramasinghe, Nilmini
Other Authors: Geholt, Vjay
Sloane, Elliot
Smart, Philip
Shcaffer, Jonathan
Keywords: Postoperative Care
Postoperative Complications
Post-surgical Recovery
Colorectal Surgery
Value Based Care
Health Informatics Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2020
Publisher: IGI Global
Abstract: Healthcare delivery is facing multiple orthogonal challenges around escalating costs and providing quality care, especially in OECD countries. This research examines the opportunity to leverage Health 4.0 technology and techniques to address the post-operative discharge phase of the patient journey. In so doing it serves to proffer a technology enabled model that supports not only a quality care experience post discharge but also prudent management to minimize costly unplanned readmissions and thereby subscribe to a value-based care paradigm. The chosen context is stoma patients but the solution can be easily generalized to other contexts. Next steps include the conducting of clinical trials to establish proof of concept, validity, and usability.
ISBN: 9781522560678
Type: Chapter
Affiliated Organisations: Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA
Austin Health, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.
Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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