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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016The urologist's role in multidisciplinary management of placenta percreta.Murphy, Declan; Costello, Anthony; Norris, B. L.; Everaerts, Wouter; Posma, E.; Umstad, Mark; Wrede, C. D.; Kearsley, J.
Mar-2016Innovation practice using pervasive mobile technology solutions to improve population health management: a pilot study of gestational diabetes patient care in Australia.Wickramasinghe, Nilmini; Gururajan, Raj
Feb-2016Consensus recommendations for radiation therapy contouring and treatment of vulvar carcinoma.King, Bronwyn; Gaffney, David; Viswanathan, Akila; Barkati, Maroie; Beriwal, Susil; Eifel, Patricia; Erickson, Beth; Fyles, Anthony; Goulart, Jennifer; Harkenrider, Matthew; Jhingran, Anuja; Klopp, Ann; Koh, Wui-Jin; Lim, Karen; Petersen, Ivy; Portelance, Lorraine; Small, William; Stewart, Alexandra; Wiebe, Ericka; Wolfson, Aaron; Yashar, Catheryn; Bosch, Walter
Dec-2015Risk of ectopic pregnancy is linked to endometrial thickness in a retrospective cohort study of 8120 assisted reproduction technology cycles.Rombauts, Luk; Motteram, Caroline; McMaster, R.; Fernando, S.
Apr-2009Two corpora lutea seen at 6-13 weeks' gestation infers dizygosity among spontaneous same-sexed dichorionic twins.Tong, Sze; Vollenhoven, Beverley; Woo, J.; Campbell, M. J.; Wallace, L.; Meagher, S.; Montgomery, G. W.; Chao, F.; Chan, W.
Jan-2012Hip hemiarthroplasty periprosthetic loosening caused by papillary ovarian carcinoma metastasis in a 78-year-old woman: a rare presentation and a literature review.Bali, Kamal; Prabhakar, Sharad; Krishnan, Vibhu; Dhillon, Mandeep
Dec-2014Risk of placenta praevia is linked to endometrial thickness in a retrospective cohort study of 4537 singleton assisted reproduction technology births.Rombauts, Luk; Motteram, Caroline; Berkowitz, E.; Fernando, S.
Oct-2014The success rate of IVF has significantly improved over the last decade.Kovacs, Gab; Wade, Jessica; MacLachlan, Vivien
Aug-2015Mutational landscape of mucinous ovarian carcinoma and its neoplastic precursors.Stephens, Andrew; Ryland, Georgina; Hunter, Sally; Doyle, Maria; Caramia, Franco; Li, Jason; Rowley, Simone; Christie, Michael; Allan, Prue; Bowtell, David; Campbell, Ian; Gorringe, Kylie; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group
Aug-2015Keeping a child's donor sperm conception secret is not linked to family and child functioning during middle childhood: An Australian comparative study.Kovacs, Gab; Wise, Sarah; Finch, Sue
Nov-2012Reply: female pattern hair loss.Sinclair, Rodney
Apr-2015Transabdominal cervical cerclage: laparoscopy versus laparotomy.Dobromilsky, Kim; Ades, Alex; Cheung, King; Umstad, Mark
Jun-2015Does Heparin and Aspirin Improve IVF Success Rate?Kovacs, Gab
Jun-2015Steroid, IVIg, and intralipid therapies for IVF.Kovacs, Gab
Sep-2014Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for patients with primary endometrial cancer: using volumetric imaging to cover what counts.Gautum, Priya
May-2014Radiotherapy (RT) and surgery as integrated treatment for recurrent or persistent ovarian and tubal cancer: long-term outcomes.Rome, Robert; Leung, Samuel
Dec-2014Postnatal demoralisation among women admitted to a hospital mother-baby unit: validation of a psychometric measure.McKenzie, Dean; Bobevski, Irene; Clarke, David; Rowe, Heather; Fisher, Jane
Sep-2014Implementation of gynaecological intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) planning technique-clinical guidelines and constraints.Pandeli, Chloe
Jun-2014Exploring the possibility for a pervasive technology solution to facilitate effective diabetes self-care for patients with gestational diabetes.Wickramasinghe, Nilmini; Cole, Stephen; Kliman, Len
Mar-2014Dietary folate and related micronutrients, folate-metabolising genes, and ovarian cancer survival.Rome, Robert; Dixon, S.; Ibiebele, Torukiri; Protani, Melinda; Beesley, Jonathan; deFazio, Andrew; Crandon, Alexander; Gard, Gregory; Webb, P.; Nagle, Christina; Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41
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