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Title: Development of the mental health passport.
Authors: Nardella, Natalie
Hooper, Suzie
Barnes, Rosie
Other Authors: Lau, Rosalind
Botti, Mari
Hutchinson, Ana
Keywords: Recovery-Oriented Practice
Mental Healthcare
Mental Health Passport
Exploratory Descriptive Qualitative Design
Principles of Recovery
Recovery-Oriented Care
Epworth HealthCare
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Conference Name: Epworth HealthCare Research Week 2019
Conference Location: Epworth Research Institute, Victoria, Australia
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: On August 2013, The National Framework for Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Services was launched in Australia to enhance and provide mental health service delivery. The Framework focuses on the consumer’s involvement in their recovery. Epworth Clinic is dedicated to embedding the principles of recovery-oriented practice into the mental health care by providing consumers with a tool, the Mental Health Passport, to support their recovery journey. AIM: The aim of this study was to engage the consumers in the development and co design of the Mental Health Passport.
Type: Conference Poster
Affiliated Organisations: Deakin Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research - Epworth Healthcare Partnership, Victoria, Australia
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Descriptive Study
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