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Title: New anchoring mechanism and design of an endoluminal duodeno-jejunal bypass liner for treatment of obesity: a pilot animal trial.
Authors: Frydenberg, Harry B.
Other Authors: Suturin, Victor M.
Troung, Hien
Ryan, Andrew
Mikhail, Soutorine
Keywords: Endoluminal Duodeno-Jejunal Bypass Liner
DJB Liner
Anchoring System
Pilot Study
Animal Trials
Bariatric Surgery
Obesity Surgery
General Surgery and Gastroenterology Clinical Institute, Epworth HealthCare, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Obes Surg. 2019 Sep;29(9):3081-3085
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Complications of bleeding, liver abscess and movement have been associated with previous duodeno-jejunal bypass liner (DJBL) applications in the past. A new anchoring system and design of a DJBL is presented as a pilot study. METHOD: A newly designed DJBL device was inserted in 2 pigs and observed over 2 months. RESULTS: The newly designed device was anchored and monitored for 1 month in 1 of 2 pigs, the other being passed early. Effectiveness and safety have been shown. CONCLUSION: The results of this pilot study warrant further investigation of the modified DJBL setup, which may help solve standing issues associated with the clinical use of a DJB liner.
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ISSN: 0960-8923
Journal Title: Obesity Surgery
Type: Journal Article
Affiliated Organisations: Department of Physiology Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity Program, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
TissuPath, Mount Waverley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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