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Title: The phenomenon of duality: a key to facilitate the transition from knowledge management to wisdom for inquiring organizations. Inquiring Organizations: Moving from Knowledge Management to Wisdom
Authors: Wickramasinghe, Nilmini
Editors: Courtney, James
Haynes, John D.
Paradice, David
Keywords: Knowledge Management
Knowledge Construct
Inquiring Organizations
Chair of Health Informatics Management, Epworth HealthCare, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: IGI Global
Abstract: In today’s knowledge-based economy, sustainable strategic advantages are gained more from an organization’s knowledge assets than from its more traditional types of assets, namely, land, labor, and capital. Knowledge, however, is a compound construct, exhibiting many manifestations of the phenomenon of duality such as subjectivity and objectivity as well as having tacit and explicit forms. Overlooking this phenomenon of duality in the knowledge construct has not only led many knowledge management initiatives to stumble but has also resulted in the discussion of the apparent contradictions associated with knowledge management in the IS literature as well as numerous discussions and debates regarding the “nonsense of knowledge management.” It is the thesis of this chapter that a full appreciation of the phenomenon of duality is indeed necessary to enable inquiring organizations to reach the state of wisdom and enlightenment.
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-309-8.ch013
Type: Chapter
Affiliated Organisations: Health Informatics
Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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